dancehall annotations 
is an ongoing digital research project focused on documenting and sharing archived visual work of Jamaican dancehall and its culture.

inspired by the work of renata cherlise’s blvck vrchives, lawrence burney’s laurels history, and awa konaté’s culture art society, chronicling dancehall aims to share more about the history of dancehall, its visual culture and the people who power it on the island and globally.

its curator, music and culture writer and critic sharine taylor, continues the work of documenting the subcultures of jamaica and its diaspora—as done with bashy magazine and tallawah abroad—through this digital archive to share known and unknown history of the people behind and in front of the lens, as well as the players within dancehall’s scene. dancehall annotation’s curated library and syllabus is an extension of this ethos and offers a selection of academic and editorial insight.


© dancehall annotations, 2021. all rights reserved.