Focused reports on emerging or established artists.

Daddy1 is dancehall’s leader of the youth by Gladstone Taylor (2020)

Squash’s family-first mentality makes him dancehall’s hottest artist by Gladstone Taylor (2019)

Quada holds dancehall’s past and future in his fiery baritone by Gladstone Taylor (2019)

How Bakersteez is pushing Jamaican rap to new heights by Gladstone Taylor (2019)

Dancehall Legend Spice Is Combating Colorism by Camille Coklow (2019)

In Jamaica with Shenseea by Sharine Taylor (2018)

Meet The Jamaican Artist Whose Work Is Inspired By Vybz Kartel by Rianna Parker (2017)

Popcaan Is Making Dancehall Nice Again by Jesse Serwer (2014)

Vybz Kartel: Beyond the Pale by Edwin “Stats” Houghton (2011)

On Fire (Sean Paul) by Rob Kenner (2003) 


General and specified knowledge

The Essential Guide to Dancehall by Sharine Taylor (2019) // General History - Dancehall

The Guide to Getting into Vybz Kartel by Sharine Taylor (2017) // General History - Vybz Kartel

This Award-Winning Novelist Used To Design Sean Paul Album Covers by Jason Parham (2016) // General History - Album Art

Sweet Reggae Music Pon di Attack: A History of Soundclash by Erin MacLeod and Joshua Chamberlain (2016) // General History - Sound Systems

Dub Fi Dub – The Most Special Specials by Erin MacLeod and Joshua Chamberlain (2016) // General History - Sound Systems

Selling Dancehall by Sean Stewart (2015) // General History - Dancehall Party Signs

Chapter 11 (Calypso, Reggae and Dancehall) of The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History by Daniel Tate and Rob Bowman // General History - Concerts - Toronto


Criticism, op-eds and scene analyses

Video Light: How Jamaica’s Women Find Sexual Empowerment in Dancehall by Erin Hansen // Cultural Comment - Scene Analysis

What Does It Take To Be The ‘Dancehall Queen? by Bee Quammie // Cultural Commentary - Dancehall Queens

Rihanna’s “Work” and the Everlasting Life of Dancehall in Toronto by Sajae Elder // Cultural Commentary - Scene Analysis

Where Did Drake’s Jamaican Accent Come From? by Sajae Elder // Cultural Commentary - Pop Culture Criticism

Dancehall Is Pop Now, but We Can’t Let Pop Stars Steal Dancehall by Sharine Taylor // Cultural Commentary - Pop Culture Criticism

We need to talk about homophobia in the dancehall scene by Abi McIntosh // Cultural Commentary - Homophobia


Vibe Magazine // March 2004 // a six-page spread about women in dancehall (source)

SPIN // December 2000 // profile on Yellowman (source)

Vibe Magazine // October 1998 // a two-page feature on Beenie Man (source)

Billboard Magazine // Vol. 108, No. 27, July 6 1996 // a 13-page spread about different music festivals in Jamaica source)

SPIN // August 1991 // “Flash” column includes focus on Shabba Ranks (source)
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